Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Michael Buble "Crazy Love"

Angie's List

So have you heard of Angie's List? There's probably a listing for your area. Angie's List is a great way to find a service company, pediatrician and so much more in your area that is recommended by other consumers. I've used it a couple of times and have been very happy with the results.

Angie's List

(And no, I wasn't paid to write this - it would be a much better post if I was, though! lol)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

I may be crazy...

OK, I know I’m crazy, but I have made a commitment to do it. I have been through a lot these past few months with illness, pain, etc. Now that everything seems to be back on track, I’ve committed to getting myself back to a healthy weight. I have a few goals:

1. Kick the sugar habit. This is the #1 reason I have put on extra pounds and probably a big factor in the pain I experience all the time.

2. Start to dance again. I loved dancing growing up – but over the years with kids, extra pounds, etc. I’ve not been able to, much.

Now, the crazy part is, yes, I know the holidays are coming up and it’s the hardest time of year to lose weight – but hey, if I can do it this time of year the rest of the year should be simple, right?

My first goal is 15 pounds. I’m actually afraid to put a time frame on it. What I want to do it watch/control what I eat and exercise in some way every day and see how quickly it comes off. So here goes!

Let me know if you have a goal you’re trying to reach right now, too – we can do this together!

Times are a'chanin!

I started this blog as a wife and mother – now I’m downsizing to just mom! At the time I was living in the Seattle area – now I’m in Dallas!

My 4 boys still keep me quite busy and we’ve all adjusted well to our life changes.

On a side note – I saw Metal Shop and Swan Song in concert last weekend. Metal Shop is a really cool 80s cover band – spandex, hair and all. I had a great time! The lead singer really nailed the songs – and please by all means, ladies, check out the biceps on the bass guitarist!

Swan Song is a Zepplin cover band. The lead singer here, too, was great. I was never a huge Zepplin fan, but the ones I did know sounded great.

I also recently went to the re-grand opening of Stonehorse in Richardson. It’s a sushi, sake, steak restaurant – and had a great time! It was a bit loud, but I imagine it was just for that night. They had a DJ, firedancers, free champagne and shots, free sampler trays. I’m not much of a sushi person so I stuck to the tried and true California rolls – and they were fabulous! Around the table there wasn’t anyone complaining about their food.

Let me know if you’ve seen either of these bands – or have been to that restaurant – I’d love to hear your experience!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cooking - not eating out!

I am terrible at coming up with my own meal plan for the week. Rather than spend time thinking about it, I'll just run and get a pizza or some other fast food. Horrible, right?

For quite some time I've been using Menus4Moms to help me with that. You can print your grocery list, meal plan/recipes and there is also a YahooGroup for questions. For someone as busy as I am, it can't get much easier than that! Oh, the best part is it's free!

There are other lists on the site available for a small fee, but for now I'm using the free one. I'll change things out here and there for a bit healthier choices or something I know the boys will eat - but the foundation is there and it makes evenings so much easier!

Let me know if you try it and what you think!

Friday, January 9, 2009


One of my goals for the year is to refine my language skills. Yes, even my English could use some help!

I took three years of French in high school and can only recall "Je m'appelle Michele" and "Tu es tres gentil!" OK, maybe I can remember other things, too, but probably not appropriate for any of you that can speak French. Who doesn't love the sound of the French language? (If you don't, I don't want to know!)

I also took Spanish in college. Now that I work with a lot of Spanish speakers, I probably should ramp up those skills, too. Most of the guys that speak Spanish at my work just come to my office and ask, "Cheque?" or "Trabajo?"

And now I'm around many friends that speak Tagalog! I must be a really nosey person because if I'm around someone that's not speaking English, I think to myself, I should really learn that language! So, I've started and I have about 13 useful phrases so far. "Ang pangalan ko ay Michele!" I've also started a new list of probably no so useful phrases, but I guess it's a start. I'm not really sure I need to ask anyone around here where the museum is in Tagalog, but just in case I'm ready!

Too much? Maybe so, but it's fun! So, magandang gabi, buenas tardes, & bon soir!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy New Year!

I hope you are excited about the New Year! As you can imagine, I'm glad 2008 is over. While I do believe last year was an important life experience, I'm glad to be moving forward.

I do have many goals for this year. I hesitate to actually write them out for fear I'm going to have to explain why I didn't meet them! Maybe I'll get to them in a future post so that I will have accountability...

I have one that I will share now, and honestly, it's nothing really new. I just hope to put more focus on it. I believe many people have the same goal - to be more cognisant of my money. Saving (es muy importante), spending wisely on the variables such as groceries, etc. I have some websites that I refer to often and I hope to post them soon.

Again, Happy New Year!